Kyrgyzstan - Hunting The Wolf

Kyrgyzstan is  a small Paradise on the Earth for hunters and adventurers. You will climb to an altitude of 4 300 m above sea level in order to live through unrepeatable experiences.


Ibex hunts in Kyrgyzstan originate from Bishkek City. Bishkek is served by Aeroflot and Turkish Airlines.




Siberian ibex hunt


Hunting season: from August 14 - til 28 October, the best season from 14 August in
The number of hunters in the group: minimum 2, maximum 4 hunters

Hunting takes place in Central Asia - Kyrgyzstan, in the mountain name of Tian Shan mountain peaks altitudes up to 5000 m
In the GSM signal it is not !! To keep in touch, it is necessary to use a satellite phone. Timeshift +4 hours.
We have two grounds:
1. Tchjon- Konda - about 160 km west of Bishkek, about 100 km by road and off-road vehicles or horses. Accommodation in tent or yurt tent tábore- (photo) with stove. 2500 camp m.n.m.,.
2. Naryn in Issyl - Kul and Naryn towards China, about 550 km south east of the capital Bishkek. Of which 350 km on the asphalt road, the rest off-road vehicles - stone path in the mountains. 3800m.n.m camp. Accommodation so. Trailer with stove. (Photo) The trip takes about 12 hours with the car.


ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: The grounds are built base camps where hunters are accommodated in cabins, tents or residential wagons. Camps are equipped with basic sets on electricity, food is prepared in mountain conditions is not as varied, but hearty and sufficient. Hunting goes from the base camp on horseback and sometimes need to sleep one resp. more nights in makeshift tent camps, it is appropriate to have a quality sleeping bag with you.

Length of stay: Capricorn hunt durationof trip is 13 days, including 9 days to hunt. After getting trophy hunting game ends!

Day 1 - arrival in Bishkek from Europe via Istanbul. Day 2 - prices for basic hunting and departure from Bishkek to the water. DAY 3 - The first day of hunting, the acclimatization camp (altitude 3,800 meters), sighting weapons to 200 m. . Hunting takes place until the 11th day, 12th day - departure from the camp, in Bishkek reimbursement evening hunt, the completion of formalities for the export of trophies, 13th day - early in the morning - at night departure from Bishkek. If caught early game required a stay in the camp you can draw to an end, or you can request a transfer to Bishkek earlier and earlier then fly home. (If available tickets. Tickets for the change of course is true.) It should count on the fact that the organization of such changes shots even two days. .JHere again ten times - patience and no stress  In the event of early departure from the camp, the client then pays hotels in Bishkek alone in a place that has the possibility of card payments. There is NO discount due to early departure from the camp for unused services.

WEATHER AND EQUIPMENT: in October and November, daytime temperatures are around + 5 max + 10 ° C at night to fall to 0 to -10 ° C. As with any high mountain hunting, must also be counted with all the changes of weather. It is therefore necessary to have equipped warm and waterproof quality mountain baganče- best 2 páry- also where you go right. Do not take nevychodené new shoes! White fatigues when the snow falls, / just called. White poncho / protective cream against sunlamps high UV factor, deer tallow lip and tourist sunglasses. Useful is also a good rucksack, stick to piršovanie and shooting and possibly a small thermos. Light reflective vest or brightly colored caps for the movement in the mountains outside of hunting.

Hunting takes place largely horse riding. Horses are tame and well-trained. They walk slowly.
Capricorn when love is often necessary to shoot for longer distances, up to 300 meters, so we recommend to take with you a powerful calibers than 7mm Rem. Magnum 8 x 68, 300 Win Mag, 300 WSM 300 Weatherby Mag. a similar caliber flat ballistic and cruise scopes with high magnification, for example. 9x and more. They are ideal for observing light telescopes. In terms of lethality is any gauge of 7 mm is sufficient. A very useful tool is telescopic armrest weapons (if you use it, not me) and equipped any hunter should not miss rangefinder. (Telescope rangefinder). In Tschon Kaindy hunting takes place up to a height of 3500 m In Naryn max. to some 4000-4500 m.n.n.

CAPRICORN: subspecies Capra sibirica Alain, ie Capricorn Central Asian fishing in the beautiful environment of the Tian Shan mountain range of $ 2 500- 4500 m above sea level posliedky combination with ambush or drive. If the drive 1-2 beaters overplaying these valleys, and the shooter or shooters are waiting for good transitions. Hunting success is almost always 100%, sometimes it happens that a hunter caught 2 and 3 ibex. Hunt organizer guarantees that each hunter will have a chance to catch at least one of Capricorn. Should the client have a chance to catch ibex, which is an extreme case, this is not the trophy Capricorn. However, licenses are always valid. License for extra game shall be paid only in case of capture. In this area hunters can count on being caught with the trophy ibex between 90 to 120 cm, if happiness and stronger trophies.

ROE DEER  SIBERIAN: does not live in habitats ibex, upon request, provide the organizer of hunting. Roe deer hunting is possible only if hunting ibex in Tschon Kaindy. Venues are located in Chui near the capital Bishek, price. Shooting of roe - see price list. Since conditions of Siberian roe in Kyrgyzstan are not as high as for example. in Russia, it can not guarantee that every hunter will have a chance to hunt deer. The chance is approximately 50%. Therefore, each hunter must decide individually whether this additional interest in hunting. Local roe deer trophies reach weight max. 500-700 grams. Roe deer are searched by cars or off-road riding, then napiršuje the game. During the rut (end of August) you can try to lure by roe deer decoys. They shed their antlers in late October and early November.
If you are interested in hunting roe deer with a better trophy, we have proven grounds in Russia, where roe deer numbers are several times larger and trophies are up to 1.0 to 1.3 kilograms. I recommend for roe deer  hunting -  Russia can be combined with hunting the Moose. ( from 1.  September)

Wolf hunts in random encounter. The fee for the capture of 1,000 Euro. If you do not pre-equipped with CITES, the wolf can not be exported immediately with you. The chances of catching bass is about 30-50%. Need for rapid and accurate shooting.
EU transfers:
The first line of Bratislava, Vienna or Budapest, alternatives shown below - via Moscow to Bishkek, further about 8- 12 hours by car to the base camp - this flight is possible only  without weapons !!!

2. line TURKISH AIRLINES from Vienna via Istanbul to Bishkek - use these connections in the case of transport to own a gun, Price of the ticket: about 800 to 1200 Euro +/-

Price Hunting trip for Capricorn 2750 Euro

Price for nonhunter – observer : 1700 Euro / stay

The price includes:
- Accommodation and meals in the district - full board
- Hunting guide 1: 1, each hunter has his guide, horse and sometimes one assistant
- Transfer from the airport in Bishkek and back ground
- Predpreparácia trophies - and subtract salting
- Veterinary and export documents
- Assistance at the airport in Bishkek

The price does not include:
- Fee for transporting weapons about 60 € and about 60 Euro visa, the visa is issued at the airport in Bishkek
- Blasting Capricorn 1700, - Euro (800 + 900 blasting license, be CATCHES two ibex)
- Discard another Capricorn 1700, - Euro
- Blasting Siberian roe 950, - Euro (300 + 650 license blasting), only ground Tschon Koindu
- Ticket to Bishek and back, transport of trophies to Slovakia
- Organization fee of 100 Euro / person
Note: The injury is considered to be hunted. You can fish on, but if not caught during the trip Capricorn - paid as the trophy. In this love Capricorn can not be hunted sheep Marco Polo - argali.
Optional services:
- VIP service at the airport in Bishkek - 220 USD (hall, lounge, First Class)
- Possibly lodging and food outside POL. ground
- Alcoholic beverages, recommend buying at the store in Bishkek
- Any extra hunting days - price on request
- The parade professional hunting guide our agency from Slovakia participating in hunting with clients throughout zhotovujúcim photos and film for the client: 1000 Euro / group and stay
- The final preparation is trophies, ie stuffed specimen preparation can organize in Slovakia
- Packaging and transport of trophies, trophies if you do not take with you
- Import CITES {only necessary for argali and wolf} 100, - € / unit in the organization of our agency
- Customs and airport fees in the destination country, if you send additional trophies
- Guide / interpreter from Moscow 600, - € / group

EXPORTS AND IMPORTS OF ARMS AND AMMUNITION: On the basis of the new Firearms Act if you have a European firearms pass is no longer necessary to equip weapons accompanying letter, just fill out a report on arms exports to the district department of registration of weapons min. 5 days before the scheduled departure from Slovakia. On leaving and returning to report the export of policemen who carry out passport control.
Hunting weapons must be packed in a special carrying case or sleeve for weapons. We recommend using rigid case in which the weapon can not be easily damaged. The charge may in no case be bundled into a suitcase with a weapon in hand luggage or with whom boarding. Wrap them in a large baggage which'll be riding along in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. We recommend to take max. about 40 pieces of ball cartridges. Do not forget that a large luggage should not exceed 20 kg per person per cabin 5 kg (box, camera, video camera etc.) Remember to take firearms pass.
On arrival at the destination airport must declare your weapon and ammunition, providing assistance organizer of hunting. There is a strict ban on the export of small arms and semiautomatic weapons, which can lead to complications in transit through Austria !!!

HEALTH: Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan is a country with a healthy climate. It does not require any mandatory vaccinations, but in its own interest, we recommend vaccination against hepatitis (jaundice) and tetanus. Before traveling consult your doctor, because someone would stay in the amount of approximately 3000-4500 meters. above sea level to cause health problems. It is in your interest before traveling to take out insurance to cover major medical expenses abroad. Also remember to take medications that you take regularly, and essential medicines for potential problems such as colds, constipation, diarrhea, headache. Basic camps are equipped with everything needed to provide first aid.

EXPORTS AND IMPORTS trophies: Trophies Siberian ibex and deer can be exported immediately after the hunting packaged in a state of preparation of raw, salted or frozen by the organizers to complete the export veterinary permission.
WARNING: WOLF and sheep MARCO POLO among the protected species when it is imported to Slovakia need to have earlier with CITES import permit. This, however, is granted only under an export CITES MoE within no more than 30 days of the request. While maintaining the legal procedure is immediate import of these trophies to Slovakia impossible (unless you have a CITES), so we recommend trophies have sent to in addition to Slovakia. On request, we will equip import licenses after their receipt also ensures import of trophies to Slovakia.

Reservation and payment conditions: When booking must be paid a deposit of 900 Euro (of which 800 are for a license is € 100 organization fee), which in the case of order cancellation irreversible - used to buy licenses in Kyrgyzstan. The remaining amount of € 2,750 for hunting are paid prior to commencement of hunting. All other fees and blasting moreover charged directly after the hunt in Kyrgyzstan according to the valid price list, exclusively in cash in Euro !!.
In the event that you are ill, or created other obstacles and all you could not get on the path we recommend you take out travel insurance to include insurance cancellation charges. If you can not get on the path and in time we report this information, our office will try to arrange an alternative date, but certainly it can not guarantee such. if all terms busy, etc. If we failed to provide you with an alternate date, you can send yourself an alternate site.

A strong warning: The whole final statement shares is done with the organizer of hunting abroad in cash at the end of hunting. Any additional raklamácie Slovakia will not be recognized because it can not subsequently invoices for hunting without the presence of our foreign partner - the organizer of the hunt.

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